About Reuben Powell

Reubens work is concerned with the weight and scale of the environment and the impacting on the individuals and the emotional response that seeps out. His recent project documenting the regeneration of the Elephant and Castle comprises of very large scale drawings (Drawings) of construction an demolition sites and paintings on to tin-plate steel (Paintings on Tin). His 4m x 2m painting of the Elephant and Castle on tin hangs in the foyer of the Cumming Museum on the Walworth Road. The project encompasses work with local school children who come wide eyed to Reubens 2000 sq ft studio at Hotel Elephant to make very large-scale drawings of their neighbourhood (Education). His work also encompasses groundbreaking new digital prints onto steel (Metal Prints). A central part of Reubens work are the materials he uses. His paintings are on tin-plate steel (everything from discarded oil cans to shiny new steel). Painting with oil paint on the tin it allows for a greater depth of the picture plane; the pictures metamorphosing as the light of day changes. Some works extend into three dimensions, others include their own built in light source. The Mechanical Sky is a 16 frame painting automated by motors and chains. Reubens studio (at Hotel Elephant Gallery) is tucked away in the corner of the vast condemned Heygate Estate. On arrival it is hard not to be stuck by the sheer scale and drama of the location. The steel panels he paints on resonate with the brutalist architecture that surrounds his studio.


All works on this site are available from the artsits studio. Please e-mail to make an appointment.
Hotel Elephant Gallery
25 Brandon Street
London SE171NA
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